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Our process starts with a free diagnostic evaluation of your overall online visibility. Our award winning Snapshot Report will identify each and every critical component of your online presence and how it compares to your competition which will identify numerous opportunities to strengthen your business in various ways.

Custom Solution

As our team identifies areas of weakness through your Snapshot Report, we begin to craft a customized solution that is geared toward taking advantage of the new opportunities we've identified. This process is designed to improve and magnify your online presence to insure greater success today and in the future.

Expert Results

The Savvy Owner Team is well versed in all facets of digital marketing. We've been perfecting our craft since 2004 working on well over 2000 business marketing campaigns nationwide. Our results far exceed our competition and we further separate ourselves from the crowd by offering the best customer service available today!

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Candice Giel - Giel Garage Doors

"I just wanted to thank you for the amazing job your company did for our organization.

We have increased our internet presence immensely since working with you.

Our keyword search is working wonderful and our social search optimization has become much more uniform and easier for consumers to understand.

I would recommend you folks to any company who is willing to invest in their future and wants to increase their internet presence tremendously."


Tom Beresford - Beresfordco

"I am extremely excited and amazed by the work you and your team have accomplished in such a short time.

Our web visibility has gone from being virtually nonexistent, to page one and two on Google searches in about three months.

Your staff has been competent and professional in crafting a strategy to improve my search engine rankings.

Over the years I have spent a lot of money on web advertising and I’ve never been sure of the value I was getting.

Your results however, are easily measurable, visible, positive and pleasing.

I finally feel like I am getting the results I have been looking for, and traction in a highly competitive market.

Please thank your entire team for their efforts, and I look forward to continuing our partnership, and improving our web presence."


Richard Galvin - Valucomm Technologies, Inc

"After many years of struggling to find an effective internet marketing company that I could count on, I was beginning to think that no one could help us.

Then we were approached by TheSavvyOwner and within just one week they had us on Google´s page 1.

This result was a completely unexpected pleasant surprise. I recommend TheSavvyOwner to any company trying to increase their internet exposure."


Victor Tam - Rove Concepts

"Just wanted to say your company has been super professional and helpful throughout this campaign.

We love how everyone is genuinely wanting us to succeed and are giving us updates on everything you guys do.

We would definitely recommend TheSavvyOwner to anyone that is looking to increase their online business."


Frank Key - Purest Colloids, Inc

"The Savvy Team has literally done what they said they would do, which is refreshing to say the least in today´s business environment.

I applaud their efforts and look forward to a long and lucrative relationship. If needed, I will also act as a reference for you."


Kevin Shepherd - Back To Earth Energy, Inc

"I honestly wasn't sure what results to expect out of the first three months, but I am shocked that we have already made it to the first page of's also nice to see consistent progress on all of our other keywords as they have continued to make their way to page 1 also.

The SavvyOwner provides clear reporting and Marc gave us realistic expectations before we signed up.

Marc, Thanks again for your support, advice and close communication throughout this process!

You have helped us break further into the LED lighting market with results in both the US and Canada!"


Rosemary Roberts - Girl On Point

"As a communications and web management director/consultant, my goal is to get my clients great, 1st page search engine results.

While I consider sponsored (Pay Per Click) ads somewhat of a necessary aspect of any web presence, reaching 1st page in the organic listings is paramount to success.

I´ve been using TheSavvyOwner for nearly two years to achieve this goal, and couldn´t be happier. In less than three months, my clients went from page 5 to page 1 and have remained there.

Marc Arner and his team are wonderful to work with, responsive to my needs, accountable for their results and continue to improve their strategies as the dynamics of the web transform. I couldn´t be more pleased to recommend their services."


Stephen Bissonnette - Redbeam

"With Savvy we were able to cut our PPC marketing budget in half while doubling our lead volume as well.

I would highly recommend TheSavvyOwner to anyone who is seeking better online marketing results."

About Us

In 2007, founders Marc Arner and PJ Cammarata started their first agency called ThinkBIGsites which was quickly recognized as a pioneering industry leader helping large enterprise organizations that were national or even global in scope.

We've taken all the knowledge and experience gained over the years to develop The Savvy Owner team. Although our unique, results oriented process is still the same, the objective has now shifted to helping the smaller, local business owners who are at best, often under served and at worst, taken advantage of.

Our goal is to help these small businesses utilize smart marketing strategies that are designed to consistently outsmart their competition which helps to insure maximum online success.

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